Hubungan Index Masa Tubuh dan Masa Kerja dengan Keluhan Muskoloskeletal pada Pekerja Instalasi Binatu di Rumah Sakit X

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Background: Musculoskeletal symtoms is tissue damage in skeletal muscle parts (joints, ligaments and tendons) which caused the body to receive a static load, or work in awkward postures repeated in a long time. Workers work in the laundry by position standing, bending, and sitting in a long time.

Objective: This research aims to determine working periode and body mass indeks with musculoskeletal symtoms at worker laundry installation in Hospital X.

Method: This research is a quantitative research with a cross sectional design. The subjects of research were laundry worker as much as 33 people. Data collection using questionnaire which containing question about musculoskeletal symtoms.

Result: The result of the research shows that working period is significantly related to musculoskeletal symptoms.  

Conclusion: The result of this research shows that are significant relationships between working period with musculoskeletal symptoms


Keyword: Musculoskeletal Symptoms, Working Periode, Body Mass Indeks

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